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10 Reasons to Not Miss Tin Pan South!

1.     The Atmosphere

There’s nothing quite like it! The atmosphere at Tin Pan South is electric between excited fans and passionate songwriters. Get a unique, up-close and personal experience with your favorite songs.

2.     The Community of Songwriters

Everybody knows everybody. Yes, even your favorite songwriters. Watch as each round showcases not only incredible music but strong friendships.

3.     Live Music Performed by its Creator

There’s a different kind of passion behind the song coming from the original voice. Words can’t explain the feeling of hearing your favorite music from the source.

4.     A Festival the City Rallies Around

Nashville is Music City! That’s no surprise here. A festival of songwriters in a city of songwriters? Now that sounds like a good time.

5.     The History

Now in its 28th year, Tin Pan South is always a highlight in the Nashville scene. This incredible festival has seen country legends and hitmakers, but don't be fooled, just because it is in Nashville doesn't mean its only country music! Every genre can be seen at the festival and legendary performers like Lamont Dozier, Art Garfunkel, Carol King, and Donna Summer have graced the Tin Pan South stage in some of Nashville’s most historic and legendary venues!

6.     Great for Networking

Interested in the music industry? Come to Tin Pan South and meet others with the same passions and interests as you! People from all over the United States and yes, even other countries, come to Tin Pan South for a taste of what Music City is all about.

7.     Interaction with the Crowd

Throughout the show, not only are the performers playing great music, but they’re talking to each other and including the crowd in the banter! It feels like you’re a part of the performance and a member of the family.

8.     Learn Firsthand How Connected the Industry Actually Is

It’s no secret everyone knows everyone in the music industry. At Tin Pan South, you’ll see a group of people who have known each other for years whether its through songs they’ve written together, people they’ve worked with, or mutual friends.

9.     Visit Nashville’s Top Songwriter-Artist Hotspots

The venues featured at Tin Pan South have their own bits of history, often seeing the beginning of some of the industry’s top writers and artists, like Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, and Trisha Yearwood.

10. It’s the Largest Songwriter Festival in the World!

From the up-and-coming to the top hitmakers, 100 shows showcase the best songs we’ve seen so far and the future of the music industry.